Easter bunny

Hooray, Easter time!  I don’t only love this period because it’s a good excuse to eat too much chocolate (Easter egg overload !!!), but also because I can decorate my house. For sure you also know the little yellow fluffy chicks, the pastel coloured Easter eggs and then there is this cute paper rabbit DIY…

What you will be needing:

  • template
  • thick paper
  • scissors and/or cutter
  • adhesive foil
  • glue (or double sided tape)

And then…

When printing the PDF document, change settings to “poster” format. In this way you can scale the template to A2 format and have a much bigger rabbit. It is also recommended printing on thicker paper in order to make the rabbit more solid.

Once printed I placed the template on adhesive foil, the printed side still visible. An extra helping hand might be useful here. Normally when you put the foil on furniture, you make the surface wet in order to be able to move the foil a little bit. With paper this is – unfortunately – not possible. Precision required!

When the adhesive foil sticks to the paper, start cutting. Do this as precise as possible since all shapes must fit together very nicely. Cut all the lines inside the figure gently (!) with a utility knife and the help of a ruler. This will help you to make folding more easy.

You will need to fold all the lines. Then you can start gluing all parts together. This might be a little tricky sometimes, but hey, you can do this!! 😉 I started gluing clockwise and finished with the backing. I think this is the best way to not make it too hard for yourself. Anyhow, the result will be worth the tinkering.


Lola around the world

For this year’s collection  I found my inspiration around the world. 3 collections were launched: French Riviera, Baltic Sea Cruise and Club Havana. How else can this “Lola around the world” theme be visualized better than by making a world map from Lola oilcloth? I must admit cutting out the small islands and gluing everything in the right place took a lot of work, but it was worth it!

What you will be needingworldmap_whole'

  • Template of world map
  • Oilcloth (or adhesive foil)
  • Background panel
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Tape

I found this very practical website on which you can print world maps in different sizes at home. I used the one of 16 pages, which turned out to be around 75 by 115 cm.

I cut out all loose world parts roughly and attached it with tapeworldmap to the oilcloth as a template. For the big parts you have to use a lot of tape to make sure it stays in place. When all parts were cut, I printed the map again to make sure I placed all parts in the right position on the panel. There still was a little guessing work, so the map isn’t 100 % realistic ;).


Now 2016 started and the weather is getting worse, I am starting to dream about the summer holidays. I don’t know yet where I will be going, but seeing the Big Five is high up on my wish-list. You can understand I was immediately sold when I bumped into this super cute frames!

They were very easy to make. You pack the panels with adhesive foil just like a present, you cut out the animals, you glue them to the panel and done!

What you will be needing

  • 3 cutted out images of cute animals
  • 3 wooden pannels (15 x 15 x 2 cm)
  • 3 squares of adhesive foil (at least 21 cm)
  • Glue



I am totally loving gallery walls, showing pictures of great memories, lovely paintings or good quotes. Since I already made a lot of cute accessories, I decided it was time for some nice wall decoration.

What you will be needingdeer-ontwerp

  • Nice quote or image
  • (Colored) paper
  • A cutter
  • Colorful background (for example Lola oilcloth or adhesive foil)
  • Glue

Oh deer!

Because I couldn’t choose, I made two designs. Lately I am very much into deer-head so I immediately fell in love with the design below. In Word, I drew up a layout with matching text. You have to make sure your quote isn’t too long and the font isn’t too tiny because there is a lot of precise cutting work. It will save you a lot of work 😉

When printed, I cut out the black parts and put the stencil on a black paper. With a white pencil, I colored the empty spaces so it was clear which parts I had to cut out afterwards.

My kitchen is for disco

This quote is so me! I just love singing and dancing while cooking. Because I had a lot of (double) work on the deer-design, I changed my tactic. I inverted colors, so I had white text on a black background. Now I only had to cut once and the result is the same! Make sure you change Word-settings in order to print the background.

Once everything was cut out, I used glue stick to glue the paper to the oilcloth. As an extra, I added a golden detail to the kitchen-design. (I kept this coffee package already a long time ago because ‘one day, it might be useful’)

Now your cut-out-quote is ready to be framed!