Simple wallet

A while ago, I made a coin wallet. But since I like my paper money much more (read “I like to have it much more”), I thought it deserved a nice wallet too. This one too is very easy, you just need to be able to stitch straight…

Oilcloth wallet

What you will be needing:

  • Rectangle of 16,5 x 20 cm(part A)
  • Rectangle of 6 x 20 cm(part B)
  • Rectangle of 5,5 x 20 cm (part C, optional – if you want to have two extra pouches for your cards)

(see template (1))

And then…

  • Stitch 0,5 cm hems on the longest sides of parts A and B. Since the lower side of part C won’t be visible, you only need to stitch a 0,5 cm hem on the topside.
  • Fold part A double, wrong sides facing. Crease it so the folding line remains (see red line on template (2)).
  • Unfold, place part C around 1 cm above the folding line and stitch its lower side. Next place part B along the folding line and again stitch the lower side. Use tape, paperclips or hairpins to keep the parts in place (read ‘Don’t use pins’ at the tips & tricks-page).
  • Stitch the folding line of the wallet itself, see blue line on the template. It is a good idea to draw a helpline on the middle of the wrong side of part A.
  • Fold part A again, this time right sides facing. Stitch the sides together on 0,5 cm.
  • Turn the wallet right side out. To make this more easy, you could cut the hems smaller, but be careful when doing so! Using a blunt object to push out the corners is also recommended.

The wallet won’t take the right shape immediately, so I placed it under a pile of (heavy) books for a day.

Oilcloth wallet



A while ago I bought three little cactus plants in IKEA. Although I like the white flowerpots they are in, I thought my cactuses deserved to be brightened up a bit. Inspired by spiegelstiksels I made three little plant baskets.

You can find the template I used here. Spiegelstiksels described the dimensions you need very clear. Side A is half the width of the pot, side B the height and sides C are the width divided by 8. Don’t forget to add the seams! For one basket you will need to draw the pattern two times. Since oilcloth is a solid tissue, I drew the pattern directly on the oilcloth.

Cut out and put wrong sides facing. Now stitch the outer seams (B and D), following the dashed lines. Then fold to stitch the corners. Turn inside out and done! Since I will be using this basket as flowerpot, I didn’t use lining.

Maak je eigen bloempotjes van tafelzeil

Christmas stocking

Christmas preparations are taking up a lot of my spare time these days. Buying gifts, figuring out what I am going to cook, writing cards… Christmas is hard work! But it’s fun work as well :-).

In between all of this planning, I found a little moment to make oilcloth Christmas stockings. Very quick and easy! For now, I stuffed them with some cotton wool, but of course they will be filled with little presents next week ;-).


Organised desk chaos

I admit: every once in a while, my desk looks like a war zone. The “clean desk principle” is not really my cup of tea… To organise my stuff a bit, I came up with this easy tablecloth basket that will make the messiest desk look pretty 😉

What you needbasket_1

  •   1 m² of lola tablecloth (example: New Wave gum – LAL…295)
  •   1/2 m² of cardboard
  •   3 m of cotton border (1.5 cm wide)
  •   sewing machine


What to do

  • Cut 2 rounded squares (37 x 37 cm) out of your lola tablecloth.
  • Cut 1 square (20 x 20 cm) and 4 rectangles (8.5 x 20 cm) out of the piece of cardboard.
  • Put the two pieces of tablecloth back to back and sew the upper and left line across the tablecloth (see pattern).
  • Insert the square piece of cardboard in the middle and sew along the other two sides of the square. That way, the piece of cardboard is stuck in the middle.
  • Take the other 4 pieces of cardboard and put them in between the two layers of tablecloth, according to the pattern.basket_2
  • Cut 8 pieces (25 cm) from your roll of cotton border. Fold your border in half over the length. Sew over the sides of your fold so you get 8 strings. Keep them ready for the next step.
  • Take the rest of your cotton border, fold it in half and slide it over the sides of the basket. Start making the border by sewing over it. Keep in mind to attach the 8 strings as shown in the pattern. The prettiest way to do this is to slide them under the border before sewing over the edge.
  • Enjoy your new basket and clutter up!


Stylish side table

Although projects that are quite labour-intensive – like last week’s teepee, for example – make you feel so proud when you finally finish them, sometimes all you need is some instant crafting happiness.

A DIY project that is almost too easy for words, is this side table covered in adhesive foil. I just love it!

What you needPebbles-Linen-04

  • Any type of side table. I got lucky while I was second hand shopping and found this wooden beauty for only 10 euros!
  • Adhesive foil (in this case, the pretty Pebbles linen from the new lola collection)
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors

What to do

Well… Do I even have to explain? 😀

What you end up with

The coolest interior ever. Period.



Tablecloth tent

When you’re attending an interior trade fair, it’s not always easy to be original and attract the attention of possible buyers. Simply presenting a tablecloth on a table doesn’t necessarily do the trick…

This year, I had the most amazing idea that would allow me to present lots of different designs in a very cool way. I made… a lola teepee! How awesome is that?! 😀

DSC_5161_bewerktSince my tent building skills are not really that impressive, I tried to find inspiration for my project in other DIY blogs. This pattern by blogger makes me smile looked quite straightforward, so I decided to try it right away. Actually, I pretty much stuck to her instructions, except I used tablecloth instead of regular canvas, of course 😉

The teepee turned out to be a big success! Buyers were very enthusiastic about it, and I can proudly say that lots of people took pictures of our stand at the trade fair 🙂



all-in-one placemat

placematEverybody likes to have dinner parties. And a big part of organizing a sublime dinner party is having a stunning table decoration. This lola DIY project shows you how to combine easy organization and beautiful decoration.

What you need for 4 placemats :

  • 1 m of lola tablecloth (example: lola chiwy linen LOL01032 & lola lollipop linen LAL01143)
  • 7 m of cotton border in a corresponding color
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine



What to do :

  • Cut your roll of cotton border in 4 pieces.
  • Cut 4 rounded rectangles (50 cm x 35 cm) out of your favorite lola tablecloth.
  • Cut 4 squares with one rounded corner (15 cm x 15 cm) out of the same or a different type of lola tablecloth. Make sure every ‘pocket’ has a rounded corner at the lower right side.
  • Simply fold the left and upper sides of the pocket backwards half a centimeter and sew along the fold.
  • Place the pocket in the lower right corner of your placemat and sew again over the left fold, so the pocket is stuck to your placemat.
  • Fold your cotton border in half over the length, cut the ends diagonally, and slide it over the sides of your placemat. Sew along the sides to attach the border to the tablecloth.
  • That’s it ! You’re done ! All you have left to do is to fill the pockets with a napkin and some cutlery.

I hope you enjoyed the very first lola DIY project, share this with your friends, and stay up-to-date with our newest designs on .


From lola with love