Sunglasses case

Because it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the sun (sad face), there is more time to sew summer gadgets (happy face). Already to many of my sunglasses got damaged because I put them loose in my purse, that’s why I made this practical sunglasses case.

The case I will be making has two layers, oilcloth on the outside and soft tissue on the inside. You won’t need much fabric, so you can use leftovers for this project. Cut the two pieces out using this template. (why do I always have to think about pizza when I see it ?!) Feel free to enlarge it or make it more oval. I used diameter 19,5 cm. When drawing the second piece, make sure to mirror the pattern!

sew your own sunglasses case from Lola oilclothnaai je eigen zonnebril hoes van Lola tafelzeil

Once cut out, place the two pieces on each other, wrong sides facing. You stitch the parts together using a bias tape. A bias binder foot might be very useful doing so! Start at the beginning of the arrow (see template) and continue in this direction. Once you have passed the dashed line a few centimeters, fold the circle in two, that the borders overlap. Now continue to sew until the end. Reinforce the last stitches and cut of the bias.

No more scratched sunglasses from now on!

DIY Sunglasses case from Lola oilcloth - tafelzeil



Since you don’t change bike every now and then, I love to add cute accessories to cheer it up. I already made a basket and bags.  Now I made a bike seat cover.

What you will be needing

  • Strip of oilcloth, 9 by 100 cm
  • Saddleshaped piece of oilcloth
  • Elastic, 1,5 cm wide and 1 m long

You start with stitching the elastic on the border of the long strip its back. Make sure you put enough pressure on the elastic, otherwise the bikecap will be too loose.

Then you have to stitch the strip on the saddlepiece, wrong sides facing. Start in the middle of the back of the seat. Don’t stitch the first centimeters of the strip yet. Try not to stitch too fast, in order to be able to follow the shape better.

When you are at the end, cut the rest of the strip, leaving again a few centimeters. Once you have stitched the ends of the strip together, your bikecap is ready!

This cap will help you find your bike back in the bike rack more easy and prevent your saddle form getting wet…

Easy does it!

If you are looking for an easy DIY project that willGo with the flow curacao_04 give you instant satisfaction, read on!

I created this so-called “IKEA hack” for the 2015 product shoot. Using a splash of high gloss white paint and some pieces of adhesive foil, I gave this plain step stool an entirely new look.

The best part of this project is that you can change it up anytime you want. As you might know, the adhesive foil is super easy to remove, so you can choose a different print (and paint colour!) whenever you feel like shaking up your kitchen interior! 😉

I had so much fun doing this, so I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

Go with the flow curacao_03

Oilcloth shopper bag

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

It is so much fun to make your own shopper bag. This “summer feeling” shopper is perfect to load in those first fall outfits from your favorite stores. Or you can use it to go to the farmer’s market ofcourse. Everything helps to ditch the little plastic bags and all hail to the reusable shopper bag. Choose your favorite design from my website and make your own creation to be proud of 😉 . I used pebbles mint and heartbeat mint.

lola oilcloth shopper bag




Lola luggage tags

luggage labelThis weekend, I’m leaving on holiday for a week. Yaay! But today I still have some packing to do. Not so yaay…

Some time ago, I received my tickets, along with a couple of paper luggage tags from the travel agency. Not only are they quite plain and ugly, they are also not very distinctive for your suitcase.

This – and the fact that I get tired of packing very quickly 🙂 – inspired me to do this fun little project: I made my own luggage tags! I used the basic tags as a template (just search Google for “luggage tags” and you will find enough inspiration), cut them out of a piece of leftover tablecloth and sewed two of them together.

As you can see in the pictures, I also added luggage tagsa piece of plastic as an address label holder. I sewed this along with both pieces of tablecloth, so everything is firmly attached. I chose a contrasting colour for the back of the tags, in my opinion this gives a cute effect when you attach the label to your bag :).



luggage tagI’ll be back with more DIY projects in two weeks! See ya!


pretty lounge pillows

Temperatures are rising! This weekend I will hopefully be screaming ‘hot hot hot’ while running over the grass and diving into the pool. This is the perfect time to linger around the garden, maybe invite some friends over for a fresh cocktail, but definitely not do anything unnecessary. And for an easy and cheap fix on where to lay down: this super pretty pallet couch with lola oilcloth cushions.

lola oilcloth garden cushions

What you need:

  • a variety of pallets: the more pallets, the bigger the couch obviously
  • stuffing for the cushions (same measurements as the pallets)
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • velcro tape

lola oilcloth garden cushions

What to do:

  • Look at your stuffing as a gift you are going to wrap and take precise measurements.
  • Decide whether to make a patched cushion or a plain cushion. If you want to make a patched one, make sure all parts fit together well on the top part of the cover.
  • Sew the corners from the top and bottom part of the cushion.
  • Sew the velcro tape over the borders so you can slide the two parts over the fitting and stick the velcro together.

And now all the work is done, you have to lay down, take a sip from the best ‘start of summer’-cocktail ever and enjoy your garden.

More information on which designs to choose on .

lola oilcloth garden cushions

Picknick blanket

lola picknick blanketPicknick weather is finally back! And a good picknick takes place on a cosy (lola) blanket. Take this blanket with you on sunny Sundays, on camping trips or just put it in the backyard. Perfect to play on, to have a yummie picknick, or to listen to your favorite music and take in the sunny vitamins.

What you need:

  • Lola oilcloth
  • Cotton border
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

lola picknick blanket

What to do:

  • Simply cut out two identical squares or triangles from the oilcloth.
  • Place them back to back, slide the cotton border over the sides and sew everything together.
  • Finish the blanket with cotton strings and loops if you like.
  • Now go out and enjoy the sun!!!



Find more lola designs on .