Must-have oilcloth bag

Oh how I love my bags. I already have one in every possible shape and material, and still feel like I don’t have enough of them :-).

It’s not the first time that I make a shopper out of oilcloth, and it will certainly not be the last! This time I chose a slightly different handle: I made a circular shape at the top, and sewed around it with black cotton border. To make the inside as firm as possible, I lined it with an extra layer of oilcloth in the same pattern as the outside. I also included a thick piece of cardboard in the bottom, that makes the bag stand up straight.

P.S. The design is Pebbles Moka from this year’s winter collection. Looks adorable, right?



Oilcloth shopper bag

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

It is so much fun to make your own shopper bag. This “summer feeling” shopper is perfect to load in those first fall outfits from your favorite stores. Or you can use it to go to the farmer’s market ofcourse. Everything helps to ditch the little plastic bags and all hail to the reusable shopper bag. Choose your favorite design from my website and make your own creation to be proud of 😉 . I used pebbles mint and heartbeat mint.

lola oilcloth shopper bag




Trendy Tissue Box

lola_tissue_box_raw_collectionIt’s that time of the year again, when your nose can’t stop running and you have paper tissues lying around everywhere. Some of the things that seem to be very helpful are drinking lots of tea with honey and staying under that blanket in the couch. Another thing that makes it all more bearable is to decorate your tissue box, so why not with lola tablecloth?

What you need:

  • tissue box
  • 0.5m of lola tablecloth (example: lola raw collection) – or adhesive foil
  • scissors
  • scotch tape


What to do:

  • Consider your tissue box a little gift you are going to wrap and cut out enough tablecloth (or adhesive foil) to fold underneath.
  • Lay the lola tablecloth over the box and locate the opening.
  • Draw around the edges of the opening and cut it out of the tablecloth.
  • Place the tissue box with the opening under the opening of the tablecloth.
  • Wrap the entire thing up, fold the edges under the box and attach with the scotch tape.

You have to admit, this is such a fun thing to do, simple as ABC, and now you can almost look forward to blowing your nose.