Easter bunny

Hooray, Easter time!  I don’t only love this period because it’s a good excuse to eat too much chocolate (Easter egg overload !!!), but also because I can decorate my house. For sure you also know the little yellow fluffy chicks, the pastel coloured Easter eggs and then there is this cute paper rabbit DIY…

What you will be needing:

  • template
  • thick paper
  • scissors and/or cutter
  • adhesive foil
  • glue (or double sided tape)

And then…

When printing the PDF document, change settings to “poster” format. In this way you can scale the template to A2 format and have a much bigger rabbit. It is also recommended printing on thicker paper in order to make the rabbit more solid.

Once printed I placed the template on adhesive foil, the printed side still visible. An extra helping hand might be useful here. Normally when you put the foil on furniture, you make the surface wet in order to be able to move the foil a little bit. With paper this is – unfortunately – not possible. Precision required!

When the adhesive foil sticks to the paper, start cutting. Do this as precise as possible since all shapes must fit together very nicely. Cut all the lines inside the figure gently (!) with a utility knife and the help of a ruler. This will help you to make folding more easy.

You will need to fold all the lines. Then you can start gluing all parts together. This might be a little tricky sometimes, but hey, you can do this!! 😉 I started gluing clockwise and finished with the backing. I think this is the best way to not make it too hard for yourself. Anyhow, the result will be worth the tinkering.


Sunglasses case

Because it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the sun (sad face), there is more time to sew summer gadgets (happy face). Already to many of my sunglasses got damaged because I put them loose in my purse, that’s why I made this practical sunglasses case.

The case I will be making has two layers, oilcloth on the outside and soft tissue on the inside. You won’t need much fabric, so you can use leftovers for this project. Cut the two pieces out using this template. (why do I always have to think about pizza when I see it ?!) Feel free to enlarge it or make it more oval. I used diameter 19,5 cm. When drawing the second piece, make sure to mirror the pattern!

sew your own sunglasses case from Lola oilclothnaai je eigen zonnebril hoes van Lola tafelzeil

Once cut out, place the two pieces on each other, wrong sides facing. You stitch the parts together using a bias tape. A bias binder foot might be very useful doing so! Start at the beginning of the arrow (see template) and continue in this direction. Once you have passed the dashed line a few centimeters, fold the circle in two, that the borders overlap. Now continue to sew until the end. Reinforce the last stitches and cut of the bias.

No more scratched sunglasses from now on!

DIY Sunglasses case from Lola oilcloth - tafelzeil

Tissue box 2.0

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. tissue_1Runny nose, coughing, drinking liters of tea and watching movies on the couch. The perfect time for a little tissue box project :-).

You might remember a similar project from last year. Back then, I made a super easy no-sew tissue box cover out of oilcloth. This time I chose to use my sewing machine, which makes the project a little bit more difficult, but also gives a prettier result. And once you have one made, you can re-use it over and over again when your box is empty.

I’m very happy with how this turned out! The Boogy lagoon design is cheerful, and contrasts well with the raspberry red border. I added a little label to make it even more personal. Of course you can use any type of decorative ribbon for a similar look.


Visitors in the lola van!

One of my biggest DIY projects in the history of the lola collection is without doubt the lola van – you could already catch a glimpse of it in last week’s post. It’s covered in lola both inside and out, and I must admit I attract quite some attention while driving it 😉

Earlier this week I had some very cute visitors coming over, and of course the van worked like a magnet! Luckily I have my camera with me most of the time, so I was able to take some fun pictures of the boys. The improvised photo shoot reminded me of the fact that, until now, the lola van didn’t really receive the attention it deserves on this blog.

Well, that changed now 🙂 Take a look and discover your favorite designs!

P.S. For more pictures of the exterior of the van, check out the website.




Summer stool

Quite some time ago, I bought a simple blue stool here. I thought I “needed” it for the kitchen or the bathroom, but actually I just had one of those days where you want to buy practically everything that looks cute and is affordable at the same time. Sounds familiar 😉 …?

Turns out that my impulsive buy proved useful after all! stool_1One of my friends was complaining about how expensive it is to decorate her daughter’s room, which made me think about my pretty little stool again…

I was already waiting for an ocassion to use this Small Big Flower Summer adhesive foil from the new collection, so this was the perfect moment!

Did you already give an object a second life with my adhesive foil? Don’t hesitate to let me know!


Stylish side table

Although projects that are quite labour-intensive – like last week’s teepee, for example – make you feel so proud when you finally finish them, sometimes all you need is some instant crafting happiness.

A DIY project that is almost too easy for words, is this side table covered in adhesive foil. I just love it!

What you needPebbles-Linen-04

  • Any type of side table. I got lucky while I was second hand shopping and found this wooden beauty for only 10 euros!
  • Adhesive foil (in this case, the pretty Pebbles linen from the new lola collection)
  • Pencil
  • Pair of scissors

What to do

Well… Do I even have to explain? 😀

What you end up with

The coolest interior ever. Period.



Pin it!

After a few months of wearing my winter clothes, I tend to get a little bit bored. I’m definitely a summer person when it comes to outfits! Luckily I can always rely on my infinite collection of accessories to bring a splash of colour every day 🙂 . Quite a lot of them are handmade, actually. This tablecloth brooch, for example!

What you need

  • lola tablecloth leftovers (I used heartbeat mint and lollipop sunshine)brooch_1
  • scissors
  • needle & thread or strong glue
  • button
  • brooch with pin

What to do

  • cut a circle out of the tablecloth
  • fold it in two
  • cut a third (60 degrees, to be exact 😉 ) off brooch_2
  • fold the piece that’s left in two again (you should have some kind of pie slice-shaped, four-layered triangle now)
  • repeat this process 8 times, I made 4 bigger circles and 4 smaller, both in different tablecloth designs
  • sew or glue the pieces onto each other, like in the pictures. you should end up with something that looks a bit like a flower 🙂
  • sew or glue a button onto the front
  • glue the brooch onto the back
  • pin it! (and take a selfie, duh)