Car organizer

One of my friends has a new car. She was telling me about how little space there was to put stuff away. Even though she is the kind of person who always takes too many things with her, people who are extremely organized or who have kids will probably know the problem too… Since I was in a sewing mood (which I am actually all the time) I decided to make her her own Lola car organizer.

I used Donuts Varadero and Love leaf Scuba Blue, two colorful designs of the new Lola collection. I messed around with sketches and paper until I had the design I wanted. For sure I wanted a pocket to put a small bottle in, pockets for pencils and a bigger pocket for a book or a magazine. It was not that easy to puzzle the different parts in place, but I am glad with the result! Little pad on my own back…

Lola car organizer   Lola car organizer


Organised desk chaos

I admit: every once in a while, my desk looks like a war zone. The “clean desk principle” is not really my cup of tea… To organise my stuff a bit, I came up with this easy tablecloth basket that will make the messiest desk look pretty 😉

What you needbasket_1

  •   1 m² of lola tablecloth (example: New Wave gum – LAL…295)
  •   1/2 m² of cardboard
  •   3 m of cotton border (1.5 cm wide)
  •   sewing machine


What to do

  • Cut 2 rounded squares (37 x 37 cm) out of your lola tablecloth.
  • Cut 1 square (20 x 20 cm) and 4 rectangles (8.5 x 20 cm) out of the piece of cardboard.
  • Put the two pieces of tablecloth back to back and sew the upper and left line across the tablecloth (see pattern).
  • Insert the square piece of cardboard in the middle and sew along the other two sides of the square. That way, the piece of cardboard is stuck in the middle.
  • Take the other 4 pieces of cardboard and put them in between the two layers of tablecloth, according to the pattern.basket_2
  • Cut 8 pieces (25 cm) from your roll of cotton border. Fold your border in half over the length. Sew over the sides of your fold so you get 8 strings. Keep them ready for the next step.
  • Take the rest of your cotton border, fold it in half and slide it over the sides of the basket. Start making the border by sewing over it. Keep in mind to attach the 8 strings as shown in the pattern. The prettiest way to do this is to slide them under the border before sewing over the edge.
  • Enjoy your new basket and clutter up!


original organizer

original organizer

I have a confession to make; I make a mess of my desk, my bathroom, the kitchen, and so many other places. But that’s over now! This original organizer helps me to keep everything tidy. Just pick your favorite lola designs ( and stack the hanger with your favorite clutter.

original organizer

What you need:

  • 1.5m of lola tablecloth (example: 1m lola geisha lime LAL01280 & 0.5m lola lollipop red LOL01006)
  • 6m of cotton border in corresponding colors, just mix and match!
  • 1 hanger
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine

original hanger


pattern original organizer lola

What to do:

  • Cut 2 rounded rectangles (40 x 60 cm) out of your lola tablecloth, put them back to back and sew the edges together.
  • Cut 3 rectangles (15 x 60 cm + 10 x 60 cm + 10 x 60 cm) out of the other tablecloth. Make sure the first rectangle has rounded corners at the bottom.
  • Fold your cotton border in half, slide it over the long ends of the rectangles, and sew over the sides.
  • Now place your rectangles on the big piece of tablecloth as shown on the pattern.
  • Fold 8 pieces of cotton border (15 cm) in half and sew over the sides. Place them on the organizer as shown on the pattern.
  • Fold the rest of your cotton border in half, slide it over the sides of your organizer and start sewing. Just make sure all the pieces fit neatly under the border so all the pieces becomes a whole.
  • Sew over the two layers of tablecloth to create pockets. You can follow the pattern or do as you find most handy.
  • Take your hanger, decorate it if you like, and attach the organizer.
  • Now you’re all set to fill the pockets with your goodies and hang it in the right spot! 🙂

original organizer

original organizer