A few days ago, I made a little all-purpose-case. I have to admit I am not that happy with the result: I worked sloppy,  messed it up in the corners and my wire tension wasn’t very good either which I tried to fix, but then made it worse. It was not my day as you might see 😉 BUT, at least the color combination is lovely, isn’t it…

DIY case

What you will be needing

  • 2 pieces of oilcloth (size A4) – inner and outer part
  • 2 U-shaped parts (8 x 4 cm) – sides
  • transparent tissue (7,5 x 3,5 cm) – name tag
  • Velcro or button – closing
  • Bias tape

And then?

I started with some preliminary work at the biggest pieces. First, I stitched one Velcro on the bottom of the outer part and the other Velcro on the top of the inner part. On the inner part, I also stitched a name-tag underneath the Velcro. To make it easier to put everything together in later steps, I stitched both parts together on 1 mm, wrong sides facing. Next I sewed bias tape on the top of the two U-shaped parts. Finally, I stitched all parts together, using bias binder foot. This is the part where I messed it up so I will let you fiddle a little bit by yourself from here 😉 …

I don’t know yet for which purpose I will use the case but I am considering pencil case or makeup case.


pencil case


Mini make-up bag

makeup2bMy handbag addiction (both oilcloth and non-oilcloth) is getting a bit out of hand lately, so I decided to focus on what’s IN my bag this time! I’m having a short business trip next week – and planning to travel light – so I made this little purse to hold my daily make-up.

I basically cut out a 20 x 20 cm square out of a scrap piece of oilcloth, folded it in half and sewed one of the sides together. The next step was to add a zipper. As you can see in the picture on the left, the zipper goes around the corner so I can fully open the bag to get easy access to my make-up 😉

I had to complete this project quite quickly so I didn’t line it with an extra layer of oilcloth. However, I think this would be a good idea to try in the future, because an extra layer of oilcloth would allow me to wipe make-up stains more easily. Still very happy with the result, though!

What do you think? 🙂