A while ago I bought three little cactus plants in IKEA. Although I like the white flowerpots they are in, I thought my cactuses deserved to be brightened up a bit. Inspired by spiegelstiksels I made three little plant baskets.

You can find the template I used here. Spiegelstiksels described the dimensions you need very clear. Side A is half the width of the pot, side B the height and sides C are the width divided by 8. Don’t forget to add the seams! For one basket you will need to draw the pattern two times. Since oilcloth is a solid tissue, I drew the pattern directly on the oilcloth.

Cut out and put wrong sides facing. Now stitch the outer seams (B and D), following the dashed lines. Then fold to stitch the corners. Turn inside out and done! Since I will be using this basket as flowerpot, I didn’t use lining.

Maak je eigen bloempotjes van tafelzeil


Baby bib

One of my colleagues became auntie last week. It’s the first baby in the family so she was veeery happy. We thought that a home-made Lola bib would be the perfect present for little Fons.

I looked on Pinterest for a pattern I liked, you can find it on this board. Since I had too many ideas for the design, I thought it would be nice to make a two-sided bib.

Schattige babybavet met walvis van Lola tafelzeilOn one side I used Go with the flow Curaçao and added a cute whale to it. The whale had many little corners so I merely used the handwheel to stitch it on the bib. I stitched the Velcro in the top left hand corner. Make sure you stitch it firmly as it will be pulled a lot.

Schattige babyslab met strik van Lola tafelzeilFor the other side I used Spoons Original and added a little bow tie in matching colors. I first stitched the hourglass-shaped part, leaving the sides open. Then, I stitched the middle part on top of it. Don’t stitch the bow tie too close to the border (like I did, oops!) or it will overlap with the bias. Here too you need to stitch the Velcro in the top left hand corner. Finally, I stitched the two layers together with the help of a bias binder foot.

Next week my colleague will visit the little man. I hope the bib will fit. Photos will follow…

Cute Lola oilcloth baby bib with bow tie

Wrap your jars yourself

personalize_jars_lola_lollipopDuring the holiday season with a family gathering around every corner, it is difficult to come up with an original gift for everybody. Sometimes even a small personal touch makes a gift a lot more fun to give. This little project isn’t too time consuming and will definitely help you to personalize your gifts.

What you need:

  • any piece of lola tablecloth (example: lollipop red LOL..006)
  • rope
  • scrapbook scissors
  • a jar


What to do:

  • Draw out a cirkle 5 cm wider than the diameter of your jar.
  • Cut the circle out of the tablecloth with your scrapbook scissors.
  • Slide it over your jar and attach the rope right under the lid.
  • You can also add a little note with a personal message.

You’ll be sure to impress your friends and family with a simple but pimped jar!


Trendy Tissue Box

lola_tissue_box_raw_collectionIt’s that time of the year again, when your nose can’t stop running and you have paper tissues lying around everywhere. Some of the things that seem to be very helpful are drinking lots of tea with honey and staying under that blanket in the couch. Another thing that makes it all more bearable is to decorate your tissue box, so why not with lola tablecloth?

What you need:

  • tissue box
  • 0.5m of lola tablecloth (example: lola raw collection) – or adhesive foil
  • scissors
  • scotch tape


What to do:

  • Consider your tissue box a little gift you are going to wrap and cut out enough tablecloth (or adhesive foil) to fold underneath.
  • Lay the lola tablecloth over the box and locate the opening.
  • Draw around the edges of the opening and cut it out of the tablecloth.
  • Place the tissue box with the opening under the opening of the tablecloth.
  • Wrap the entire thing up, fold the edges under the box and attach with the scotch tape.

You have to admit, this is such a fun thing to do, simple as ABC, and now you can almost look forward to blowing your nose.