A while ago I bought three little cactus plants in IKEA. Although I like the white flowerpots they are in, I thought my cactuses deserved to be brightened up a bit. Inspired by spiegelstiksels I made three little plant baskets.

You can find the template I used here. Spiegelstiksels described the dimensions you need very clear. Side A is half the width of the pot, side B the height and sides C are the width divided by 8. Don’t forget to add the seams! For one basket you will need to draw the pattern two times. Since oilcloth is a solid tissue, I drew the pattern directly on the oilcloth.

Cut out and put wrong sides facing. Now stitch the outer seams (B and D), following the dashed lines. Then fold to stitch the corners. Turn inside out and done! Since I will be using this basket as flowerpot, I didn’t use lining.

Maak je eigen bloempotjes van tafelzeil


Beautiful Chairs To Do It Yourself


Ofcourse, you can pimp every item you’ve got with creative foil. But sometimes, you just have to admit it works well together. You can go to any local thriftshop and collect some chairs (they don’t even have to match). But your ordinary furniture works equally well .


Go for any color that compliments your home, you’ll find plenty of them in the online collection (www.fromlolawithlove.com). And the best part of it all is that you can change the colors and style every season. Who wants to live with the same decorations year in, year out, anyway? Well not me, that’s for sure! So have some fun with it, and let me know if it worked out for you.