Easter bunny

Hooray, Easter time!  I don’t only love this period because it’s a good excuse to eat too much chocolate (Easter egg overload !!!), but also because I can decorate my house. For sure you also know the little yellow fluffy chicks, the pastel coloured Easter eggs and then there is this cute paper rabbit DIY…

What you will be needing:

  • template
  • thick paper
  • scissors and/or cutter
  • adhesive foil
  • glue (or double sided tape)

And then…

When printing the PDF document, change settings to “poster” format. In this way you can scale the template to A2 format and have a much bigger rabbit. It is also recommended printing on thicker paper in order to make the rabbit more solid.

Once printed I placed the template on adhesive foil, the printed side still visible. An extra helping hand might be useful here. Normally when you put the foil on furniture, you make the surface wet in order to be able to move the foil a little bit. With paper this is – unfortunately – not possible. Precision required!

When the adhesive foil sticks to the paper, start cutting. Do this as precise as possible since all shapes must fit together very nicely. Cut all the lines inside the figure gently (!) with a utility knife and the help of a ruler. This will help you to make folding more easy.

You will need to fold all the lines. Then you can start gluing all parts together. This might be a little tricky sometimes, but hey, you can do this!! 😉 I started gluing clockwise and finished with the backing. I think this is the best way to not make it too hard for yourself. Anyhow, the result will be worth the tinkering.


Easter bunny


Easter bunny from oilcloth

In a few days it’s Easter and I am already looking forward to all the chocolate! To decorate the house I made a stuffed bunny of oilcloth.

I draw a pattern myself. I must admit it looks more like a Barbapapa, but that’s kinda cute I think. You will need 2 body pieces and 4 ear pieces. First you have to stitch the ear pieces together, right sides facing. Leave the base open. When stitched, turn the right side out. You can use a wooden spoon to help.

Then pin the two body pieces together using paper clips, again right sides facing. Put the ears in place between the two layers. The border of the ears must go parallel with the border of the body pieces and the top of the ears have to point to the bunny’s belly. Stich all pieces together, leaving an opening to turn the right side out and to stuff.

When you stuffed the animal with fill, close the opening by hand or machine. I decided to not add eyes or a tail so you can use the bunny both ways. But of course you can use buttons for eyes or make a pocket on the belly, it’s best to do this before you stitch all the parts together.