A few days ago, I made a little all-purpose-case. I have to admit I am not that happy with the result: I worked sloppy,  messed it up in the corners and my wire tension wasn’t very good either which I tried to fix, but then made it worse. It was not my day as you might see 😉 BUT, at least the color combination is lovely, isn’t it…

DIY case

What you will be needing

  • 2 pieces of oilcloth (size A4) – inner and outer part
  • 2 U-shaped parts (8 x 4 cm) – sides
  • transparent tissue (7,5 x 3,5 cm) – name tag
  • Velcro or button – closing
  • Bias tape

And then?

I started with some preliminary work at the biggest pieces. First, I stitched one Velcro on the bottom of the outer part and the other Velcro on the top of the inner part. On the inner part, I also stitched a name-tag underneath the Velcro. To make it easier to put everything together in later steps, I stitched both parts together on 1 mm, wrong sides facing. Next I sewed bias tape on the top of the two U-shaped parts. Finally, I stitched all parts together, using bias binder foot. This is the part where I messed it up so I will let you fiddle a little bit by yourself from here 😉 …

I don’t know yet for which purpose I will use the case but I am considering pencil case or makeup case.


pencil case


Organised desk chaos

I admit: every once in a while, my desk looks like a war zone. The “clean desk principle” is not really my cup of tea… To organise my stuff a bit, I came up with this easy tablecloth basket that will make the messiest desk look pretty 😉

What you needbasket_1

  •   1 m² of lola tablecloth (example: New Wave gum – LAL…295)
  •   1/2 m² of cardboard
  •   3 m of cotton border (1.5 cm wide)
  •   sewing machine


What to do

  • Cut 2 rounded squares (37 x 37 cm) out of your lola tablecloth.
  • Cut 1 square (20 x 20 cm) and 4 rectangles (8.5 x 20 cm) out of the piece of cardboard.
  • Put the two pieces of tablecloth back to back and sew the upper and left line across the tablecloth (see pattern).
  • Insert the square piece of cardboard in the middle and sew along the other two sides of the square. That way, the piece of cardboard is stuck in the middle.
  • Take the other 4 pieces of cardboard and put them in between the two layers of tablecloth, according to the pattern.basket_2
  • Cut 8 pieces (25 cm) from your roll of cotton border. Fold your border in half over the length. Sew over the sides of your fold so you get 8 strings. Keep them ready for the next step.
  • Take the rest of your cotton border, fold it in half and slide it over the sides of the basket. Start making the border by sewing over it. Keep in mind to attach the 8 strings as shown in the pattern. The prettiest way to do this is to slide them under the border before sewing over the edge.
  • Enjoy your new basket and clutter up!


Pimp your desk

We all have these items lying around somewhere on our desk or in our house: a stapler, a ruler and a notebook. But ofcourse you can buy them in all kinds of colours and shapes and they get a little less boring. Although sometimes we can’t help but already have the plain version. That’s when I decided to pimp my boring desk supplies. Some lola creative foil (Geisha Litchi LOA6032) took over and now I have to smile every time I use these things. Happiness lies in the small things, right? 🙂

pimp_desk_lola_geishalitchiUnfortunately the rings of this notebook made it a little bit more difficult to make it look completely picture perfect.

pimp_desk_lola_geishalitchiI just draw around the item I want to pimp on the back of the creative foil. Once you’ve got the shape, you can cut it out and stick it.

pimp_desk_lola_geishalitchiSince my stapler is a blue one, it matches perfectly with the blue tones that come back in this design.

pimp_desk_lola_geishalitchiLast but not least: these little birds that accompany me on the handles of my office cabinet. I didn’t plan on making them but once I started cutting the foil for the previous items, I just had to cut out something more fun too. They’re not going anywhere any time soon!

I hope you enjoyed this little pimp-post, but definitely come back next week because I have another sewing project coming up. For any more information about the lola collection and designs: .