Simple but stunning

lola chair - chiwy denim

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to create something beautiful. I just got a hand on some gorgeous vintage chairs last week. They are a little bit worn down since they come from a school, but that doesn’t matter. I added some adhesive foil, Chiwy Deniw, and voila!

Don’t forget that beauty often lies in the most simple things.



Summer stool

Quite some time ago, I bought a simple blue stool here. I thought I “needed” it for the kitchen or the bathroom, but actually I just had one of those days where you want to buy practically everything that looks cute and is affordable at the same time. Sounds familiar 😉 …?

Turns out that my impulsive buy proved useful after all! stool_1One of my friends was complaining about how expensive it is to decorate her daughter’s room, which made me think about my pretty little stool again…

I was already waiting for an ocassion to use this Small Big Flower Summer adhesive foil from the new collection, so this was the perfect moment!

Did you already give an object a second life with my adhesive foil? Don’t hesitate to let me know!


Beautiful Chairs To Do It Yourself


Ofcourse, you can pimp every item you’ve got with creative foil. But sometimes, you just have to admit it works well together. You can go to any local thriftshop and collect some chairs (they don’t even have to match). But your ordinary furniture works equally well .


Go for any color that compliments your home, you’ll find plenty of them in the online collection ( And the best part of it all is that you can change the colors and style every season. Who wants to live with the same decorations year in, year out, anyway? Well not me, that’s for sure! So have some fun with it, and let me know if it worked out for you.