Since you don’t change bike every now and then, I love to add cute accessories to cheer it up. I already made a basket and bags.  Now I made a bike seat cover.

What you will be needing

  • Strip of oilcloth, 9 by 100 cm
  • Saddleshaped piece of oilcloth
  • Elastic, 1,5 cm wide and 1 m long

You start with stitching the elastic on the border of the long strip its back. Make sure you put enough pressure on the elastic, otherwise the bikecap will be too loose.

Then you have to stitch the strip on the saddlepiece, wrong sides facing. Start in the middle of the back of the seat. Don’t stitch the first centimeters of the strip yet. Try not to stitch too fast, in order to be able to follow the shape better.

When you are at the end, cut the rest of the strip, leaving again a few centimeters. Once you have stitched the ends of the strip together, your bikecap is ready!

This cap will help you find your bike back in the bike rack more easy and prevent your saddle form getting wet…


Beautiful Bicycle Bags

lola oilcloth bicycle bagsThe end of the summer is coming closer (unfortunately). Everybody starts prepping for the new school year and a refreshing work start after summer vacation. Having everything organized is very important in this process, and I just managed to pimp my bike in time for the first days back at work. With these fun bicycle bags I don’t have to worry about leaving stuff behind.

What you need:

  • your favorite lola designs
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • cotton border
  • velcro tape
  • cardboard

What to do:

  • Measure your bike rack well, you don’t want your bicycle bags to be too big and get caught in the wheel.
  • Cut out the underpart of the bags, this is the biggest square (mine is 60 cm x 32 cm), this will be double sided for a strong base.
  • Cut out in a different design the pockets (mine are 22 cm x 32 cm), the sides (9 cm wide), and the flap (32 cm x 32 cm).
  • Sew the pockets to the base and add the flaps last.
  • Onto the flaps you can stitch some velcro tape so the bags don’t fly open while biking. I also added velcro onto the base so I can attach it to the bike rack.
  • In the pockets you can put cardboard so the bottom stays straight (or sew the cardboard into the pockets if you want).

lola oilcloth bicycle bags

lola oilcloth bicycle bags

Just pack your lunch, your raincoat (just in case), and your good mood. You are ready for this!