A few days ago, I made a little all-purpose-case. I have to admit I am not that happy with the result: I worked sloppy,  messed it up in the corners and my wire tension wasn’t very good either which I tried to fix, but then made it worse. It was not my day as you might see 😉 BUT, at least the color combination is lovely, isn’t it…

DIY case

What you will be needing

  • 2 pieces of oilcloth (size A4) – inner and outer part
  • 2 U-shaped parts (8 x 4 cm) – sides
  • transparent tissue (7,5 x 3,5 cm) – name tag
  • Velcro or button – closing
  • Bias tape

And then?

I started with some preliminary work at the biggest pieces. First, I stitched one Velcro on the bottom of the outer part and the other Velcro on the top of the inner part. On the inner part, I also stitched a name-tag underneath the Velcro. To make it easier to put everything together in later steps, I stitched both parts together on 1 mm, wrong sides facing. Next I sewed bias tape on the top of the two U-shaped parts. Finally, I stitched all parts together, using bias binder foot. This is the part where I messed it up so I will let you fiddle a little bit by yourself from here 😉 …

I don’t know yet for which purpose I will use the case but I am considering pencil case or makeup case.


pencil case


Bathroom baskets

My bathroom storage is above the toilet, every time I need something out of it, I am afraid something will fall. Right. Into. The. Toilet. So far, it didn’t happen (bless me!) but to prevent this, I made a few baskets from Lola oilcloth.


Lola basket


One year ago I already posted how to make storage bins. Nonetheless, I will repeat the different steps for you.

  • Determine what size you want your basket to be. Add 0,50 cm on each side for the seam. Draw a square on your oilcloth in the required dimensions. This will be the bottom.
  • Next, you need to draw four extra squares to the sides of the bottom square, like in this template. You end up with a cross-like shape that you have to cut out.
  • Sew the sides of the outer squares together, printed sides facing, so that your bin begins to take its shape. This will be the inner layer of the basket.
  • Repeat these steps to create a second layer. Here too, you sew printed sides facing. When stiched, turn the right side out. This will be the outer layer of the bin.
  • Put the inner layer into the outer layer. You can add a square piece of cardboard to the bottom for extra firmness.
  • Sew the two layers together with a matching piece of cotton border or ribbon.
  • As extra you can fold over the edge so that the design on the inside also shows on the outside.
  • Ready!



Mini make-up bag

makeup2bMy handbag addiction (both oilcloth and non-oilcloth) is getting a bit out of hand lately, so I decided to focus on what’s IN my bag this time! I’m having a short business trip next week – and planning to travel light – so I made this little purse to hold my daily make-up.

I basically cut out a 20 x 20 cm square out of a scrap piece of oilcloth, folded it in half and sewed one of the sides together. The next step was to add a zipper. As you can see in the picture on the left, the zipper goes around the corner so I can fully open the bag to get easy access to my make-up 😉

I had to complete this project quite quickly so I didn’t line it with an extra layer of oilcloth. However, I think this would be a good idea to try in the future, because an extra layer of oilcloth would allow me to wipe make-up stains more easily. Still very happy with the result, though!

What do you think? 🙂


Cute clothespin bag

Being such a busy person, I am always looking for waysclothespin_bag to make daily household chores easier. Hanging my laundry is definitely on this list. I used to carry my clothespins around in a basket (quite unpractical…) but then I discovered an enormous variety of clothespin bag tutorials on Pinterest. Of course, I had to make my own!

I am not going to write an entire tutorial on this, because there are already so many good ones available on the internet – see which one works best for you. But I think it is nice to use different patterns on the inside and outside, and use a contrasting border for an extra splash of colour. I chose Melrose summer cool on the outside and Lollipop sunshine on the inside, combined with a bright orange border.

Oilcloth is such a thankful material for this kind of project. Since it’s water resistant, you can keep your bag outside with your clothes line at all times. Although I am already drying most of my laundry inside, Belgian weather… 😉

Have fun!


Must-have oilcloth bag

Oh how I love my bags. I already have one in every possible shape and material, and still feel like I don’t have enough of them :-).

It’s not the first time that I make a shopper out of oilcloth, and it will certainly not be the last! This time I chose a slightly different handle: I made a circular shape at the top, and sewed around it with black cotton border. To make the inside as firm as possible, I lined it with an extra layer of oilcloth in the same pattern as the outside. I also included a thick piece of cardboard in the bottom, that makes the bag stand up straight.

P.S. The design is Pebbles Moka from this year’s winter collection. Looks adorable, right?


Oilcloth shopper bag

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

I am totally ready for the weekend, are you?

It is so much fun to make your own shopper bag. This “summer feeling” shopper is perfect to load in those first fall outfits from your favorite stores. Or you can use it to go to the farmer’s market ofcourse. Everything helps to ditch the little plastic bags and all hail to the reusable shopper bag. Choose your favorite design from my website and make your own creation to be proud of 😉 . I used pebbles mint and heartbeat mint.

lola oilcloth shopper bag