Simple wallet

A while ago, I made a coin wallet. But since I like my paper money much more (read “I like to have it much more”), I thought it deserved a nice wallet too. This one too is very easy, you just need to be able to stitch straight…

Oilcloth wallet

What you will be needing:

  • Rectangle of 16,5 x 20 cm(part A)
  • Rectangle of 6 x 20 cm(part B)
  • Rectangle of 5,5 x 20 cm (part C, optional – if you want to have two extra pouches for your cards)

(see template (1))

And then…

  • Stitch 0,5 cm hems on the longest sides of parts A and B. Since the lower side of part C won’t be visible, you only need to stitch a 0,5 cm hem on the topside.
  • Fold part A double, wrong sides facing. Crease it so the folding line remains (see red line on template (2)).
  • Unfold, place part C around 1 cm above the folding line and stitch its lower side. Next place part B along the folding line and again stitch the lower side. Use tape, paperclips or hairpins to keep the parts in place (read ‘Don’t use pins’ at the tips & tricks-page).
  • Stitch the folding line of the wallet itself, see blue line on the template. It is a good idea to draw a helpline on the middle of the wrong side of part A.
  • Fold part A again, this time right sides facing. Stitch the sides together on 0,5 cm.
  • Turn the wallet right side out. To make this more easy, you could cut the hems smaller, but be careful when doing so! Using a blunt object to push out the corners is also recommended.

The wallet won’t take the right shape immediately, so I placed it under a pile of (heavy) books for a day.

Oilcloth wallet


Sunglasses case

Because it seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for the sun (sad face), there is more time to sew summer gadgets (happy face). Already to many of my sunglasses got damaged because I put them loose in my purse, that’s why I made this practical sunglasses case.

The case I will be making has two layers, oilcloth on the outside and soft tissue on the inside. You won’t need much fabric, so you can use leftovers for this project. Cut the two pieces out using this template. (why do I always have to think about pizza when I see it ?!) Feel free to enlarge it or make it more oval. I used diameter 19,5 cm. When drawing the second piece, make sure to mirror the pattern!

sew your own sunglasses case from Lola oilclothnaai je eigen zonnebril hoes van Lola tafelzeil

Once cut out, place the two pieces on each other, wrong sides facing. You stitch the parts together using a bias tape. A bias binder foot might be very useful doing so! Start at the beginning of the arrow (see template) and continue in this direction. Once you have passed the dashed line a few centimeters, fold the circle in two, that the borders overlap. Now continue to sew until the end. Reinforce the last stitches and cut of the bias.

No more scratched sunglasses from now on!

DIY Sunglasses case from Lola oilcloth - tafelzeil

Cute coin wallet

We all know the problem: over the years, you have collected coin wallet_1so many membership cards, discount passes and other random stuff in your wallet, that is is nearly impossible to fit some money in there too. This is especially true for coins.

That’s why I decided it was about time my beloved (sarcasm much?) coins moved to another wallet. I made this cute triangle-shaped purse from two scrap pieces of oilcloth. I used the Spoons original print for the front part, and Lollipop watermelon for the inside and backside. I love it!

This wallet has proven to be very useful, but I also have another possible function in mind. I have seen these advent calendar bags floating around Pinterest lately, and I think these little oilcloth bags could perfectly work as an advent calendar! Just put a little gift in each bag and you’re done. It will make the Christmas countdown even more fun 🙂

Do you have any other ideas?

coin wallet_2

Must-have oilcloth bag

Oh how I love my bags. I already have one in every possible shape and material, and still feel like I don’t have enough of them :-).

It’s not the first time that I make a shopper out of oilcloth, and it will certainly not be the last! This time I chose a slightly different handle: I made a circular shape at the top, and sewed around it with black cotton border. To make the inside as firm as possible, I lined it with an extra layer of oilcloth in the same pattern as the outside. I also included a thick piece of cardboard in the bottom, that makes the bag stand up straight.

P.S. The design is Pebbles Moka from this year’s winter collection. Looks adorable, right?