Playing card holder

When it’s raining, I like to play games inside. I prefer card games like Uno or Skipbo. If you have played these games with kids, you know they often struggle to hold all cards in their hands or to hide them from the other players. If you have small hands yourself, you might know this problem too ;). That’s how I came up with the idea to make this playing card holder…

playing card holder

  • You start by cutting all different parts, shown in these instructions. You can softly draw the dashed lines on the tissue, this is where the stitches will come.
  • Then you apply all pieces to the front part: stitch the Velcro on the bottom and the 3 strips on lines A, B and C. On the beforehand I stitched a bias on top of these strips.
  • On the back part, you only need to stitch Velcro on the topside.
  • When all pieces are applied, take the front and back and put them wrong sides facing. I secured both parts to each other using paperclips. Now you can stitch it together by sewing over lines C, D and E.
  • Next, sew the bias starting in the lower right corner. Follow the direction of the red arrow in the instructions. Stop at the upper right corner, needle in your tissue.
  • Now you can estimate the size of the cardboard, which I used for strengthening. This depends namely on how precise you worked. Take the dimensions between your stiches minus around 0,50 cm. Cut out the cardboard and shove it between the two parts.
  • To finish, you continue stitching the bias.
Playing card holder

Since you can fold the holder, it doesn’t take too much space


Tablecloth tent

When you’re attending an interior trade fair, it’s not always easy to be original and attract the attention of possible buyers. Simply presenting a tablecloth on a table doesn’t necessarily do the trick…

This year, I had the most amazing idea that would allow me to present lots of different designs in a very cool way. I made… a lola teepee! How awesome is that?! 😀

DSC_5161_bewerktSince my tent building skills are not really that impressive, I tried to find inspiration for my project in other DIY blogs. This pattern by blogger makes me smile looked quite straightforward, so I decided to try it right away. Actually, I pretty much stuck to her instructions, except I used tablecloth instead of regular canvas, of course 😉

The teepee turned out to be a big success! Buyers were very enthusiastic about it, and I can proudly say that lots of people took pictures of our stand at the trade fair 🙂