Baby bib

One of my colleagues became auntie last week. It’s the first baby in the family so she was veeery happy. We thought that a home-made Lola bib would be the perfect present for little Fons.

I looked on Pinterest for a pattern I liked, you can find it on this board. Since I had too many ideas for the design, I thought it would be nice to make a two-sided bib.

Schattige babybavet met walvis van Lola tafelzeilOn one side I used Go with the flow Curaçao and added a cute whale to it. The whale had many little corners so I merely used the handwheel to stitch it on the bib. I stitched the Velcro in the top left hand corner. Make sure you stitch it firmly as it will be pulled a lot.

Schattige babyslab met strik van Lola tafelzeilFor the other side I used Spoons Original and added a little bow tie in matching colors. I first stitched the hourglass-shaped part, leaving the sides open. Then, I stitched the middle part on top of it. Don’t stitch the bow tie too close to the border (like I did, oops!) or it will overlap with the bias. Here too you need to stitch the Velcro in the top left hand corner. Finally, I stitched the two layers together with the help of a bias binder foot.

Next week my colleague will visit the little man. I hope the bib will fit. Photos will follow…

Cute Lola oilcloth baby bib with bow tie


Bread Basket in Lola oilcloth

lola oilcloth bread basket

I like hosting dinner parties, and I have one at least every week. What I love to do on those evenings, is to make homemade meals ans present them in an original way. That’s why I have a bunch of big plates and wooden boards to put everything on. In addition, I made this cute bread basket in oilcloth. It’s double sided with the Baltic Sea Cruise limited collection from Lola. Easily made into different shapes and so easy to just wipe and clean. Since you can fold it, it takes up less space in your cabinets, so more stuff to have! WIN-WIN 🙂

lola oilcloth bread basket

Tailored tablecloth

Hi there 🙂 Hopefully summer holidays are FoodLovers_02giving you plenty of time to be crafty and creative! I have been working on some new projects, the biggest being the new limited collection that will be released in September… Stay tuned!

Today I am showing you a different take on the “traditional” tablecloth with overhang on each side. For this year’s photo shoot, we were working with some gorgeous vintage tables, displayed at Depot 09. One of them was the round table you see in the picture. It came with matching chairs and had the most amazing foot. When we put the tablecloth on, part of the foot was being covered by the overhang. So I decided to change things up a bit!

You will first want to measure your tabletop, so you know how big your tablecloth has to be. My table had some kind of decorative border that I wanted to show, so I had to take this into account while measuring. Next you cut your tablecloth to measure, and try it on to see if everything looks good. To attach the tablecloth to your table, you can use spray adhesive. In my experience, most spray adhesives from craft stores won’t damage your table when removing. But if you are worried about possible glue marks etc., you can also use some pieces of double-sided tape.

What do you think about this look?



Trendy Table Runners

lola oilcloth table runnerIt feels good to be back! I know I haven’t posted too much lately but I guess I got carried away in spring and summer fun. That means staying outdoors as much as possible, and my sewing machine didn’t follow.

I did promise a friend of mine to make some table runners for her lunch bar, and she didn’t forget about it. I ended up spending a tropical Sunday afternoon indoors but the result was totally worth it! Table runners are also seriously the easiest thing to make. Standard width from the rolls is 140 cm. and you can cut pieces of 40 cm. For longer tables I always calculate the width of the tables + 20 cm. extra on every side. You just fold the border 1 cm. and stitch. I can promise this is a very rewarding and quick DIY sewing project.

Find the entire collection on fromlolawithlove or stay tuned through Facebook!

lola oilcloth table runner

Cool cup coasters

lola oilcloth coasterI was scrolling through Pinterest this morning and came across a great idea for oilcloth coasters. Ofcourse I couldn’t resist the temptation and already made some myself this afternoon.

These coasters happen to be suuuuuper easy and fun. If you have any leftovers from different pieces of oilcloth, this is the moment to use them. Just cut out some squares and sew them together around the boarder. Well ofcourse I don’t want to limit your creativity so you don’t have to make squares. Circles, triangles, stars, hearts, every shape can work as a coaster.

lola oilcloth coaster

lola oilcloth coaster

For more inspiration on oilcloth designs, just follow the link to my website.

beautiful baby bib

baby bib lollipop lime LAL01208You can’t have too many baby bibs. They get forgotten on every day trip, sometimes they get too dirty to be used again without a little bit of shame, and you just like every cute one you see. Therefore, a super pretty lola bib with extremely simple directions to DIY.

What you need for 1 bib:

  • Any piece of leftover lola tablecloth (example: lola lollipop lime LAL01208)
  • Scissors
  • Cotton border in any colour, just make it look fun!
  • Sewing machine



What to do:

  • Cut out the format as shown in the example pattern or get creative and cut out the form of a cloud, flower, ladybug,…
  • Start at the top of the bib on the side of the neckline to slide your cotton border over the sides and sew along them.
  • Take a new piece of cotton border, fold it in half, sew over it for 30 cm, slide the rest over the neckline and sew it to the bib, finish with another 30 cm of cotton border.
  • Hard to believe your bib is already done? If you have some spare time, just experiment with different shapes or designs ( .

This bib is easily wipeable so your little sprout, his bib, and his clothes, all stay clean. Don’t forget to check in next week and see what’s new!!!



all-in-one placemat

placematEverybody likes to have dinner parties. And a big part of organizing a sublime dinner party is having a stunning table decoration. This lola DIY project shows you how to combine easy organization and beautiful decoration.

What you need for 4 placemats :

  • 1 m of lola tablecloth (example: lola chiwy linen LOL01032 & lola lollipop linen LAL01143)
  • 7 m of cotton border in a corresponding color
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine



What to do :

  • Cut your roll of cotton border in 4 pieces.
  • Cut 4 rounded rectangles (50 cm x 35 cm) out of your favorite lola tablecloth.
  • Cut 4 squares with one rounded corner (15 cm x 15 cm) out of the same or a different type of lola tablecloth. Make sure every ‘pocket’ has a rounded corner at the lower right side.
  • Simply fold the left and upper sides of the pocket backwards half a centimeter and sew along the fold.
  • Place the pocket in the lower right corner of your placemat and sew again over the left fold, so the pocket is stuck to your placemat.
  • Fold your cotton border in half over the length, cut the ends diagonally, and slide it over the sides of your placemat. Sew along the sides to attach the border to the tablecloth.
  • That’s it ! You’re done ! All you have left to do is to fill the pockets with a napkin and some cutlery.

I hope you enjoyed the very first lola DIY project, share this with your friends, and stay up-to-date with our newest designs on .


From lola with love