Bal masqué

This weekend I am having a masked ball and I wouldn’t be Lola if I didn’t make my own mask… When doing so I did a lot of improvisation. This DIY project is perfect to do with kids for carnival or a birthday party.

I looked around on the internet for shapes I liked and combined some of them. When cut out, I decorated the masks with glitters and little stars. You can also use plumes, tinfoil, pearls or … To make the mask stronger, I glued a piece of cardboard on the back. To finish I attached a stick to hold up the mask. For the one I used a skewer, for the other I stapled a straw on the cupboard.

My date? He will be wearing a matching bow tie I made for last blog post.

Masked ballMasked ball Lola



Cute bow

This week I am making a super cute bow for multiple purposes. You can use it as a hairpin, a brooch, decoration for presents and so on.

What you will be needingAssemblage bow

  • Template
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Lola oilcloth
  • Glue
  • A hairpin, brooch, safety pin, hair tie or …

You start with printing or drawing the template. If you want a different form of bow, rescale the template before printing. Next cut it out, draw the three different shapes on the back of the oilcloth and cut them out again.

Now you can start assembling. First you take part 1, glue both ends to the middle. Secondly you glue part 1 on the middle of part 2. Then you bend  part 3 around the middle of the two other parts. Before you glue part 3 its ends together, put the pin/tie/… underneath it.

Cute Lola bows   Lola brooch
Lola hair pin   Lola bow tie

Don’t hesitate to share your trials with me! And take a look on my Pinterest page for more images.


Lola luggage tags

luggage labelThis weekend, I’m leaving on holiday for a week. Yaay! But today I still have some packing to do. Not so yaay…

Some time ago, I received my tickets, along with a couple of paper luggage tags from the travel agency. Not only are they quite plain and ugly, they are also not very distinctive for your suitcase.

This – and the fact that I get tired of packing very quickly 🙂 – inspired me to do this fun little project: I made my own luggage tags! I used the basic tags as a template (just search Google for “luggage tags” and you will find enough inspiration), cut them out of a piece of leftover tablecloth and sewed two of them together.

As you can see in the pictures, I also added luggage tagsa piece of plastic as an address label holder. I sewed this along with both pieces of tablecloth, so everything is firmly attached. I chose a contrasting colour for the back of the tags, in my opinion this gives a cute effect when you attach the label to your bag :).



luggage tagI’ll be back with more DIY projects in two weeks! See ya!


Pin it!

After a few months of wearing my winter clothes, I tend to get a little bit bored. I’m definitely a summer person when it comes to outfits! Luckily I can always rely on my infinite collection of accessories to bring a splash of colour every day 🙂 . Quite a lot of them are handmade, actually. This tablecloth brooch, for example!

What you need

  • lola tablecloth leftovers (I used heartbeat mint and lollipop sunshine)brooch_1
  • scissors
  • needle & thread or strong glue
  • button
  • brooch with pin

What to do

  • cut a circle out of the tablecloth
  • fold it in two
  • cut a third (60 degrees, to be exact 😉 ) off brooch_2
  • fold the piece that’s left in two again (you should have some kind of pie slice-shaped, four-layered triangle now)
  • repeat this process 8 times, I made 4 bigger circles and 4 smaller, both in different tablecloth designs
  • sew or glue the pieces onto each other, like in the pictures. you should end up with something that looks a bit like a flower 🙂
  • sew or glue a button onto the front
  • glue the brooch onto the back
  • pin it! (and take a selfie, duh)