Easter bunny


Easter bunny from oilcloth

In a few days it’s Easter and I am already looking forward to all the chocolate! To decorate the house I made a stuffed bunny of oilcloth.

I draw a pattern myself. I must admit it looks more like a Barbapapa, but that’s kinda cute I think. You will need 2 body pieces and 4 ear pieces. First you have to stitch the ear pieces together, right sides facing. Leave the base open. When stitched, turn the right side out. You can use a wooden spoon to help.

Then pin the two body pieces together using paper clips, again right sides facing. Put the ears in place between the two layers. The border of the ears must go parallel with the border of the body pieces and the top of the ears have to point to the bunny’s belly. Stich all pieces together, leaving an opening to turn the right side out and to stuff.

When you stuffed the animal with fill, close the opening by hand or machine. I decided to not add eyes or a tail so you can use the bunny both ways. But of course you can use buttons for eyes or make a pocket on the belly, it’s best to do this before you stitch all the parts together.


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