I am totally loving gallery walls, showing pictures of great memories, lovely paintings or good quotes. Since I already made a lot of cute accessories, I decided it was time for some nice wall decoration.

What you will be needingdeer-ontwerp

  • Nice quote or image
  • (Colored) paper
  • A cutter
  • Colorful background (for example Lola oilcloth or adhesive foil)
  • Glue

Oh deer!

Because I couldn’t choose, I made two designs. Lately I am very much into deer-head so I immediately fell in love with the design below. In Word, I drew up a layout with matching text. You have to make sure your quote isn’t too long and the font isn’t too tiny because there is a lot of precise cutting work. It will save you a lot of work 😉

When printed, I cut out the black parts and put the stencil on a black paper. With a white pencil, I colored the empty spaces so it was clear which parts I had to cut out afterwards.

My kitchen is for disco

This quote is so me! I just love singing and dancing while cooking. Because I had a lot of (double) work on the deer-design, I changed my tactic. I inverted colors, so I had white text on a black background. Now I only had to cut once and the result is the same! Make sure you change Word-settings in order to print the background.

Once everything was cut out, I used glue stick to glue the paper to the oilcloth. As an extra, I added a golden detail to the kitchen-design. (I kept this coffee package already a long time ago because ‘one day, it might be useful’)

Now your cut-out-quote is ready to be framed!


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