Cute coin wallet

We all know the problem: over the years, you have collected coin wallet_1so many membership cards, discount passes and other random stuff in your wallet, that is is nearly impossible to fit some money in there too. This is especially true for coins.

That’s why I decided it was about time my beloved (sarcasm much?) coins moved to another wallet. I made this cute triangle-shaped purse from two scrap pieces of oilcloth. I used the Spoons original print for the front part, and Lollipop watermelon for the inside and backside. I love it!

This wallet has proven to be very useful, but I also have another possible function in mind. I have seen these advent calendar bags floating around Pinterest lately, and I think these little oilcloth bags could perfectly work as an advent calendar! Just put a little gift in each bag and you’re done. It will make the Christmas countdown even more fun 🙂

Do you have any other ideas?

coin wallet_2


One thought on “Cute coin wallet

  1. […] while ago, I made a coin wallet. But since I like my paper money much more (read “I like to have it much more”), I thought it […]

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