Cute clothespin bag

Being such a busy person, I am always looking for waysclothespin_bag to make daily household chores easier. Hanging my laundry is definitely on this list. I used to carry my clothespins around in a basket (quite unpractical…) but then I discovered an enormous variety of clothespin bag tutorials on Pinterest. Of course, I had to make my own!

I am not going to write an entire tutorial on this, because there are already so many good ones available on the internet – see which one works best for you. But I think it is nice to use different patterns on the inside and outside, and use a contrasting border for an extra splash of colour. I chose Melrose summer cool on the outside and Lollipop sunshine on the inside, combined with a bright orange border.

Oilcloth is such a thankful material for this kind of project. Since it’s water resistant, you can keep your bag outside with your clothes line at all times. Although I am already drying most of my laundry inside, Belgian weather… 😉

Have fun!



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