Smart storage

I certainly mentioned it already on this blog: I am not newspaper_rackthe most organized person. I have so much stuff lying around all the time, that it is sometimes hard to find something when I need it. Especially old newspapers and magazines (which to me are like inspiration) tend to pile up until the mess gets so out of control that I have to throw everything out.

To prevent this from happening in the future, I decided to make a new rack that’s big enough for everything I am working on at the moment. And the best thing: it is made out of oilcloth AND adhesive foil!

What you need

  • oilcloth, of course (I used Small Big Flower aloe vera for the outside, and Small Big Flower jamaica for the inner lining)
  • cotton border in a corresponding colour
  • piece of cardboard
  • scraps of timber
  • Cabane Playa adhesive foil
  • sewing machine
  • handsaw
  • hammer & nails

What to donewpaper_rack2

  • Sew a rectangular “bag” out of the oilcloth. To make sure it will be firm enough to hold the weight of the dozens of magazines you are going to put in, I advise you to sew a double layer – plus, having the ability to use 2 different designs is always more fun :-). I also sewed a piece of thick cardboard in the bottom, to make sure the bag will hold its shape.
  • Your bag should have two openings at the top, wide enough for your timber (as seen in the picture to the right).
  • Saw 6 pieces of timber. 2 should be a bit longer than the width of the bag part you just made, the other 4 have to be just over the height of it. Not the clearest explanation, but the photos speak for themselves.
  • Cover the pieces of timber in adhesive foil. This gives you the look of old, worn wood, without it being actually old and almost falling apart!
  • Dig up your best carpenting skills and assemble the rack.
  • Be proud of the fact that you have just proven that you are not only good at sewing, but also at using saw and hammer ;-).



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