Cosy Clouds

lola oilcloth cloud pillowThe lola 2014 oilcloth collection introduced 2 new lollipop designs: sunshine and sky blue. The combination of these two got me thinking about making some funny pillows in the shape of a cloud. And this week it was great weather outside: a little bit sunny but a tiny bit cloudy. The perfect reminder to make these fun pillows.



What you need:

  • the lola lollipop sunshine + lollipop sky blue
  • white cotton border
  • pillow stuffing
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

What to do:

  • Cut out of the lola oilcloth your favorite shape of cloud. Do this one time on the sunshine and the reverse shape on the sky blue.
  • Put the two sides together and start sewing the cotton border over the sides.
  • When you’re almost done, stuff the pillow with as much stuffing as you like.
  • Finish your cotton border.
  • Nap time!

lola oilcloth cloud pillows

These pillows are just great for decorating the kid’s bedroom or to create a dreamy atmosphere. For more DIY ideas, check out my website or follow me on Facebook!


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