Lola luggage tags

luggage labelThis weekend, I’m leaving on holiday for a week. Yaay! But today I still have some packing to do. Not so yaay…

Some time ago, I received my tickets, along with a couple of paper luggage tags from the travel agency. Not only are they quite plain and ugly, they are also not very distinctive for your suitcase.

This – and the fact that I get tired of packing very quickly 🙂 – inspired me to do this fun little project: I made my own luggage tags! I used the basic tags as a template (just search Google for “luggage tags” and you will find enough inspiration), cut them out of a piece of leftover tablecloth and sewed two of them together.

As you can see in the pictures, I also added luggage tagsa piece of plastic as an address label holder. I sewed this along with both pieces of tablecloth, so everything is firmly attached. I chose a contrasting colour for the back of the tags, in my opinion this gives a cute effect when you attach the label to your bag :).



luggage tagI’ll be back with more DIY projects in two weeks! See ya!



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